Railway Transportation

One of the services which “MAGISTRAT TRADE”, LLC provides is railway transportation within Russia and abroad. Railway transport considered to be one of the most rational types of shipping.

If you need to deliver a large container batch from a port to one of the regions of Russia, both points connected by a railway, it is reasonable to choose railway transportation. That would allow you to cut the costs for transfer, deliver the whole batch simultaneously, and engage military security if necessary.

It also provides you with a possibility to track your cargo while it’s being transported. Railway transportation may prove to be an optimal way of delivery for large companies with regular container freight traffic.

Railway transportation of oversized cargo

Oversized cargos are transported on special platforms which have secure fastening elements. This is the reason railway transportation is not only economically expedient, but also safe.

Railway transportation of dangerous cargo

For dangerous cargo transportation, containers are equipped in a way that allows to easily maintain all the necessary conditions such as required temperature and moisture levels so that even explosive cargo may be transported safe and sound.

Railway transportation of heavy cargo

Modern technology allows to keep railway transportation expenses low, relying on cargo units.

Railway transportation of containers

This type of transportation should be put under whole other category, as railway transportation of containers allows to cut the costs for loading and unloading at redirection points considerably. And it has another advantage: even the fragile cargo may be carried that way without losing its qualities.